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These and many more wooden lamp displays were designed and prototyped by my late father in 2003, in hopes that I could produce a replica display for those wishing to acknowledge the 125th anniversary (1879-2004) of Thomas Edison's invention of the carbon filament electric lamp.

A replica display will be offered soon.


Antique Reproduction Lamps

Each Edison Carbon Filament Reproduction Lamp is skillfully made using many of the very same tools from the early 1900's.

These historic lamps add just the right finishing touch of authenticity to Victorian and Art Nouveau fixtures. Ideal for Museums, Historic Restorations, Hotels, Period Homes and Theaters.

Early Edison Carbon Filament Reproduction 1 Early Horseshoe (Tungsten) Filament Reproduction 2 Early Loop (Tungsten) Filament Reproduction 3

Item 893  (Carbon filament bulb only)


Item 900  (Tungsten filament bulb only)


Item 920-30  (Tungsten filament bulb only)

Volts:120            Wattage: 70                       Lumens: 138       Dimensions: 2 X 5       Avg. Life Hours: 3000             $19.95 Volts:120            Wattage: 40                      Lumens: 340         Dimensions: 2" x 5       Avg. Life Hours: 2500          $13.95 Volts:120           Wattage: 30                           Lumens: 250        Dimensions: 2 X 4      Avg. Life Hours: 2500         $13.95

Updated photos


 Light Bulb Display Bases

       Acrylic Base Small


Wood Base Small



All wired wood base lamp holders are intended for educational use with
designed for Ferrowatt F1920 replica Edison carbon 30Watt, 120Volt Lamp.



ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS:  We will make every effort to process each order within 4 business days. We will email you if  there will be a delay and ask your wishes. Shipping costs are approximate. This method was chosen to expedite the ordering process and was designed for the continental USA. We will ship Priority Mail if shipping fees cover cost. If you wish insurance or another shipping method,  please include memo stating your wishes when checking out with PAYPAL.  International orders are welcome but most likely will require additional shipping fees. For your convenience, we have included the following special shipping fee buttons. You will be instructed by email after you place your order but before your order is processed if additional shipping costs apply and which special shipping button to use for payment. 

Please do not use these buttons unless instructed to.




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