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This functional test fixture employs
the product's micro-controller to step test all inputs and outputs.



Test fixture isolation circuits are added 
to limit damage to adjacent product 
Printed Circuit Board assemblies in 
the event of assembly malfunction.

Functional test system reports DUT 
(Device Under Test) faults to aid in 
production line troubleshooting.



This functional test fixture employs the 
product's micro-controller to step test all  
the driver outputs under full "load" conditions.

Protection circuits have been added to limit 
damage due to production line errors.


Completely self contained test fixture
Software was written in Basic II with an on-board interpreter

Test employs the 8 channel, 68HC11 A/D converters.



Inside view showing the 68HC11 microcontroller 
"engine" used to test a car alarm Printed Circuit 
Board Assembly.



This high power burn-in test fixture 
cycles centrifuge motor driver 
assemblies under "real life load conditions."

System can support ten driver assemblies 
at a time for the 24-hour burn-in period.


Past and Present Projects

Skin Moisture Analyzer Aviation Intercom with Stereo System Interface
Data Collector for Textile Industry Automotive Emergency Lighting System
Helicopter Metered Material Dispensing System  Electrical Storm Personal Monitor
Clothes Washing Machine Safety Value System Aviation and Scientific Equipment Water Damage "Salvage" Chemistry and Techniques
Skin Moisture Sensor for Space Suit Automotive Cornering Light System
Self Contained Window/Door Alarm System Tattoo Removal Laser Simulator System
DNA Assay Fluorometer System Coin Operated Water Dispensing System
Coin Operated Product Dispensing System Educational "Quiz" Response Determination System
Driving School Braking Response Timer PC Controlled Telephone Headset Interface  System
Miniature Guitar Amplifier with "Tube" like Sound Commercial Radio Station Broadcast Studios
Remote Motorized Theatrical Follow Spot Theatrical Lighting Controls with Special Effects
Outside Christmas Display Animated with Robotics  Commercial Audio Mixer Systems
Guitar Effects Linear Power Supplies
Battery Chargers Lighting Controls
Pyrotechnics Controls Paper Folding Machine
Temperature Calibration Devices Industrial Motor/Power Controls
Solar Power Battery Charging Systems Electronic Component Profile/Screening Devices
"Bed of Nails" Test Fixture Presses Digital Signal Routing/Interface System
Automotive Electrical System Simulator  

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