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(Reverse Order for Opening)

2004 Edition

White Camp

· Store Boats

· Winterize outboard motors

· Mothball beds, blankets

· Store gas cans in outhouse

· Replace shutters

· Disconnect smoke detectors (check batteries on opening)

· Place sign with contact info on front door

Main House, etc.

· Detach swing and store inside

· Store flag over hot water heater

· Clean air-tight stove

· Check for matches; secure in jar or canister

· Clean out and wash refrigerator

· Clean and Wash Small Porch Frig

· Clean stove

· Empty crumbs from toaster

· Check for food that may spoil or freeze; take home

· Take home portable phone for heated winter storage

· Remove batteries from flashlights

· Disconnect smoke detector (check batteries on opening)

· Place sign with contact info in front door window


Water System

· Winterize clothes washer with antifreeze

· Remove immersion pump from septic tank; wash and store.

· Open drain valve in water tank

· Open and drain three faucets under back of house

· Separate intake pipe at lake’s edge; let drain, then place small pieces of wood (a branch will do) in the open ends of pipe

· Turn off electricity to hot water heater; drain tank.

· Drain long pipe under west side of house (2 plugs) If no one emerges from under the house, remember to drag out body in the spring.

· Open all faucets (porch, kitchen, bathroom, shower)

· Drain traps under kitchen and bathroom sinks

· Drain toilet tank; sponge out all remaining water

· Drain toil bowl; sponge out all remaining water and seal with antifreeze

· Loosen screws in base of toiler

· Disconnect water pump; open plugs and drain; then treat with non-toxic antifreeze and store inside

· Drain garden hoses and store under west side of the porch



· Remove rear seats and engine cover cushion; store in White Camp

· Remove stern flag; store in glove compartment

· Put up canvas top; attach side curtains

· Arrange to have rear canvas put in place after boat is hauled

· Tell Fay’s when boat may be hauled

***Remove fire fire extinguisher, take to Jane or Leigh for heated winter storage



· Check that hot water electrical switch is OFF

· Check that immersion pump switch is OFF

· Remove (ride side) 220 Volt fuse; place on counter

· Back off (but do not remove) all small fuses except Circuit #6

· Record and date kilowatt meter reading (closing to opening)

Last minute detail

· Put deck/porch furniture in house or under porch roof

· Carry out rubbish

· Drain the Indian pimps


LOCK ALL DOORS (Main and White Camps)